“The importance of family unites our community in Reid in a way that no other issue can. From Drummoyne to Auburn and all points in between, it’s so often all about our families.”
- Craig Laundy MP

The Coalition believes that government can do more to reduce the financial burden of families.

The abolishment of the Carbon Tax will lead to reduced prices of a multitude of goods and services, with electricity & gas being front and centre.

It will also ensure that our nation’s mining and manufacturing export sector is on equal footing with our international competitors, which should relieve the stress on the workforce that these sectors have experienced since the Carbon Tax was introduced.

The Coalition also recognises that housing is the largest cost item in the family budget. Our record in keeping interest rates low will help relieve the burden on mortgage payments. Additionally, the Coalition is undertaking a review into housing affordability in 2014-15 as we believe this is an issue that is critically important to families across Australia.


Lower & Simpler Taxes

The Coalition Government stands for lower, simpler and fairer taxes, and that is what we are delivering.

One of the key policies of this Government is to reduce the burden of taxes on the household budget and scrapping the carbon tax reflects that commitment.

The removal of the carbon tax will leave average costs of living across all households around $550 lower than they would otherwise be.

The announcements in the Coalition’s Budget 2014-15 will reduce the overall tax burden on Australians by $5.7 Billion when compared to the policies of the previous Government.

This Government has also cut red and green tape by repealing over 10,000 regulations and acts, and has committed to undertaking a tax white paper in this term of government.

Cost of Living

The Coalition Government is committed to easing cost of living for all Australians, especially working families.

All Australians will benefit with the removal of the Carbon Tax whilst thecompensation measures such as the Energy Supplementremain.

The increased tax free threshold of $18,200 will also be kept, effectively providing a $1,800 annual tax cut to any individual earning taxable income.

Housing Affordability

The Coalition Government understands housing affordability and homelessness is a serious social issue

We understand that the availability and affordability of housing close to jobs and services is important for economic participation, for labour mobility and for family wellbeing.

As a nation we do not build enough units and houses for our growing population. The Government is committed to increasing the supply and affordability of housing for Australians and looking at innovative and cost-effective ways of achieving this.

We continue to invest $1.3 billion each year through the National Affordable Housing Agreement, and aims to make changes to simplify the relationship between the Australian, state and territory governments.

The Coalition Government wants to grow the entire housing market for all Australians to increase supply of housing to Australians, and as a government, we must energise the housing construction sector.

The government remains committed to consulting with the whole housing sector, to gather ideas and suggestions for future housing and homelessness reforms. Now is the time for growth. Now is the time for innovation. And, now is the time for real reform.

Paid Parental Leave

The Coalition will help young families with a fair paid parental leave scheme based on replacement wage, rather than the minimum wage.

The Coalition’s scheme will provide mothers or fathers with 26 weeks of paid parental leave, at their actual wage or the national minimum wage (whichever is greater), plus superannuation.

This policy will provide families with much needed assistance when they need it most. In addition it will strengthen the economy by providing Australian businesses with improved workforce participation.

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