“If Australia is to effectively compete in an increasingly competitive world economy, we need to ensure that the next generation is equipped with a world-class education and the skills to succeed.”
- Craig Laundy MP

The Coalition believes that if we are to become a more competitive and prosperous country, then improving our education, skills and training systems need to become front and centre.

Enhancing the provision of child care and early learning services is integral to both increasing workforce participation rates and to easing the burden on young families.

Additionally, the decline in our school education system needs to be dealt with urgently as this stage of a child’s life is a key foundation to future career options, skill development, productivity levels and the general prosperity of our society.

Ensuring that our workforce produces increasingly skilled workers will also be crucial in an economy that is now continually adapting to a competitive, technological global economy.

We believe that our higher education system must continue to attract and develop the best and brightest, both from Australia and around the world.


Child Care & Early Learning

The Coalition understands that there is a direct relationship between affordable child care and the amount of hours parents – especially women – can work.

We believe Australian families deserve greater choice when it comes to child care and early learning. We believe the system can be made more flexible, affordable and accessible.

Our policiesin these areas will ease the financial burden placed on child care centres and families, without compromising the standard of care that must be provided.

The Coalition understands that many families are struggling to find high quality child care that is flexible and affordable enough to meet their needs.

While the State and Territory governments are responsible for the regulation and oversight of child care centres, the Commonwealth provides the majority of funding support.

We will work closely with the States and Territories, as well as the child care sector, to find practical ways to improve the implementation of the reforms without compromising the standard of child care that must be provided.

The Coalition is also reviewing the 2,000 pages of regulations, reporting requirements and related guidelines that the child care sector operates under (including 700 pages introduced by the Rudd-Gillard Government).

The Coalition will ensure there is a more streamlined approach so carers can spend less time doing paperwork and more time with children.

Schools Education

The Coalition is committed to improving schools and education outcomes for students.

We will do so through policies proven to deliver better education outcomes: more say for parents and teachers, a sound national curriculum, improved quality teaching and certainty over school funding.

The Coalition believes that schools are best run by those on the ground who can make decisions to deal with local issues. We will encourage school communities to make a greater contribution in deciding what suits their school because the last thing anyone wants is for Canberra to control what happens at the local school.

Everyone agrees that Australia should have the best education system in the world.

Education is the foundation on which careers, skills, productivity and civil society are built. An effective education system allows individuals to broaden their opportunities, to enhance their self-worth and to realise greater positive outcomes for their families, the community and their own futures.

Australia must aim to keep up with our international competitors. However, in recent times, our educational system has gone backward. The countries that have overtaken us internationally have focused on extensive reforms to teacher quality, school autonomy and school leadership.

We believe the best way to achieve better education outcomes is to provide policy certainty for schools and to allow them to focus on practices that allow better education outcomes to actually be realised, including: stable funding arrangements, quality teachers, a robust curriculum and a greater say for school communities.

The Coalition is committed to building a world-class education system that will equip Australian children to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Higher Education

We will strengthen higher education and encourage Australians of all ages to further their education so that they can gain a comparative advantage and get ahead in the new global economy. We believe higher education has a vital dual role in our society as an engine of economic growth, through educating our workforce and producing quality research.

A key focus of the Coalition government is expanding opportunities for more people to attend university. For the first time ever, the Commonwealth will provide direct financial support to all students studying higher education diplomas, advanced diplomas and associate degree courses, as well as those studying bachelor degrees. We are planning to extend access, particularly for

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