Keep It Real, No Spin

As a first term MP and as someone whose life experience hasn’t been in politics, I want to share with you, the residents of Reid, the experiences I encounter on the journey of representing our community – my ‘Reid Ramble’ if you will!

There is no preliminary blog more appropriate for a new politician than addressing the lack of trust the public has in their elected officials.

Last week, an Essential poll found that 49% have no trust in politicians. Michelle Grattan picked up on this and wrote an article on the back of it.

One aspect that I believe lends itself to this lack of trust is the failure of politicians to admit it when they get it wrong.

We all make mistakes. Everyone does. When you make a mistake, what you should do is to put your hands up and say “I made a mistake.”

People value those who put up their hands and ‘fess up. When you try and persuade someone that you actually always meant to do what what you did and spin the reasons for why it was the right thing to do, you’re treating people like fools. In politics, the frustrating thing for me is that too many people too often try and spin their way into convincing people that they didn’t make a mistake. People don’t like being treated as fools.

Personally I’m a lot more comfortable putting my hand up and just saying I got it wrong.

But hey, that’s just me, and that’s no spin.

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