“If Australia is to effectively compete in an increasingly competitive world economy, we need to ensure that the next generation is equipped with a world-class education and the skills to succeed.”
- Craig Laundy MP

The Coalition believes that if we are to become a more competitive and prosperous country, then improving our education, skills and training systems need to become front and centre.

Enhancing the provision of child care and early learning services is integral to both increasing workforce participation rates and to ease the burden on young families.

We are delivering real money for our schools to make sure the parents of Reid have better results for our children. This is delivering on the needs-based funding model recommended by David Gonski. We are also making sure that our record and growing school funding delivers a quality school education so that every student in every school in Reid is given every opportunity to succeed and thrive.

We believe that our higher education system must continue to attract and develop the best and brightest, both from Australia and around the world.


Child Care & Early Learning

The Coalition understands that there is a direct relationship between affordable child care and the amount of hours parents – especially women – can work.

We believe Australian families deserve a greater choice when it comes to child care and early learning. We believe the system can be made more flexible, affordable and accessible.

We know that childcare is incredibly important to help families balance work and caring responsibilities in Reid. We are making child care more accessible and affordable – providing the greatest level of assistance to those that need it most. Across Australia, around a 1 million families stand to benefit from our reforms.

On 2 July 2018, our new child care system will come into place, with 5,855 local families in Reid standing to benefit from our reforms. The Government is also ensuring that families face lower out-of-pocket expenses by reducing the Child Care Subsidy withholding rate to 5 per cent for all families.

The Government is continuing to support Australian families to access preschool education by providing $440 million to extend the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education for the 2019 calendar year.

This takes total preschool funding to around $870 million over the 2018 and 2019 school years. We are ensuring that 1,908 children in Reid can access 15 hours of quality early learning in the year before school.


School Education

The Coalition is committed to improving schools and educational outcomes for students.

A stronger economy is enabling us to deliver $24.5 billion of extra schools funding over a decade (on average, 50 per cent more per student).

This will ensure genuine needs-based funding for Australian schools to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

The Government is supporting the 23 recommendations of the landmark Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools. The Government will work with the States and Territories to deliver reforms in the Review.

For the first time, we have a national blueprint for every family, every teacher and every government to help tackle declining school performance in Australia.

Everyone agrees that Australia should have the best education system in the world.

For this reason, we’re excited to say that Government and Independent Schools funding in the electorate of Reid will increases substantially, with funding rising by $30.1 million comparing this school year to the 2027 school year for Government and Independent schools in the electorate.

The Catholic school system across Australia also gets a boost – funding growth for Catholic schools will be $2.93 billion from now until 2027. Commonwealth funding for all the schools in the system is paid to the system as a lump sum. The system will determine how much funding your local Catholic school receives. You can find more information on individual Government and Independent School funding here.

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