“We must, as one of our top priorities, give support to senior Australians as they have given so much to us.”
- Craig Laundy MP

The Coalition Government will continue to support pensioners and self-funded retirees.

The issue that most adversely affects our senior Australians is the cost of living. We have already delivered in abolishing the Carbon Tax and will continue implementing a range of policies that serve to assist in keeping costs down across the economy.

In addition, the Coalition is strengthening the healthcare sector to ensure that our senior Australians can get the health care they need and deserve.


Aged Pensioners

The Coalition Government is committed to provide secure and stable income support and investment for services for Australia’s aged pensioners.

We will continue to increase the rate of the age pension, and pensioners will keep important Commonwealth concessions and benefits.

Pensioners will also benefit from the repeal of the carbon tax with lower bills, and will also keep the Energy Supplement (currently up to $361 a year for singles and up to $546 a year couples)

Pensioners will also continue to receive the Pension Supplement and it will continue to be indexed twice each year.

The Government is delivering record funding for health and medical services to provide a better quality of life for older Australians who have made a great contribution to our country. We are also taking important steps to ensure that access to world-class healthcare and medicines are affordable in the future.

Self-Funded Retirees

We are also honouring our commitment to self-funded retirees to index the income thresholds to the Consumer Price Index for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

With the Seniors Health Card indexation, thousands more self-funded retirees will have access to cheaper medicine and health benefits

We’re doing what we said we would do. Honouring the election commitment will mean another 27,000 people qualify for the Card over the next four years; already there are 290,000 recipients

Indexing the current income thresholds, in line with the CPI and starting 20 September this year, will enable more self-funded retirees to access the card, and give them the peace of mind they will not lose their entitlement because of modest changes in their income

Self-funded retirees save the nation considerable pension costs but income thresholds did not increase once over the last six years of Labor.


Restoring stability and certainty to our super system is a key aspect of the Government’s agenda to build a strong and prosperous economy. We are seeking to improve governance, increase transparency of information provided by super funds and to boost competition in this area of our economy that is vital to all our futures.

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