“When all is said and done, good Government should be about ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our community are wellcared for.”
- Craig Laundy MP

The Coalition Government strongly believes in the pivotal role that government has in caring and assisting for those most vulnerable in our community.

Aged Care is a sector that will become increasingly important in our community as demographics shift in the coming decades. For this reason, we are supporting this sector with new funding and the removal of red tape.

We are honouring our commitment to deliver the National Disability Insurance Scheme in full and new trial sites are being delivered across the country.

The Coalition has recently delivered on various policies that will help unemployed Australians, particularly the young, to get back into the workforce. We believe that together with a strong economy, our policies can work to improve workforce participation rates and reduce long-term unemployment.


Aged Care

The Coalition Government will meet its election commitments in aged care through increased funding which is better targeted and more flexible.

As part of the 2014-15 Budget, the Government redirected $1.5 billion from the previous government’s Aged Care Workforce Supplement into the general pool of aged care funding.

Between 2013-14 and 2016-17, $1.1 billion in funding will flow to providers through the following key measures including a 2.4% increase in care funding for eligible aged care programmes from 1 July 2014, and a $54 million funding boost for aged care providers in regional, rural and remote areas from 1 July 2014.

This new funding arrangement will give aged care providers a boost in funding while also giving each individual provider the flexibility they need to direct the funds to the areas where they need it most.

Disability & NDIS

The Coalition Government is honouring its commitments to deliver the National Disability Insurance Scheme and establish the Disability and Carers Industry Advisory Council.

The Government is 100% committed to delivering the NDIS in full, and has always supported the scheme. The Government is determined to ensure the foundations for the scheme are sound and that it is sustainable into the future.

The 2014-15 Budget also delivered $3 million to fund the Coalition Government’s Young Carer Bursary Programme, which will provide support for young carers.

The NDIS is currently operating in four trial sites and has helped more than 2,500 people with disability and their families by funding individualised support plans, and from 1 July this year, thousands more Australians living with disability will be supported when trial sites commence across the ACT, in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory and in the Perth Hills area of WA.


The Coalition’s employment policy is based in the belief that all Australians who are capable of working should be working, or alternatively studying to better their employment opportunities in the future.

We are helping more unemployed Australians (particularly youth) back into the workforce by reinvigorating the Work for the Dole programme in areas of high unemployment, to ensure practical work experience and direct connections in a work-like environment are given top priority.

The Government’s Economic Action Strategy is focussed on policy that grows jobs in Australia – cutting the company tax rate to 28.5 per cent from 1 July 2015 to encourage investment in Australian businesses and help create jobs.

We are also helping unemployed older Australians return to the workforce, by giving employers $3,000 if they hire a full-time mature-age job seeker who was previously unemployed for more than six months and then employ that person for at least six months.

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