“As a government, we must ensure that we support our incredible front line health care workers so that they can provide the best possible care in a sustainable way”
- Craig Laundy MP

We believe all Australians should have access to an affordable, quality health care system regardless of whether they live in the city or in regional areas.

Strong public hospitals providing universal access to health care will be a central pillar of our health system under a Coalition government.

However, the demands on our health system into the future will be great. Investment required at a national level will depend upon good economic management across government.

The Coalition’s is ensuring Australian’s can enjoy a strong and sustainable health system, both now and in years to come.



The 2014-15 budget outlines continued growth to hospital funding every year into the future at a sustainable rate.

The Abbott Government has outlined increased hospital funding by over $5 billion or around 40 per cent over four years. The Government will provide total hospital funding to the States of almost $70 billion over the four years to 2017-18.

We believe that local boards, local communities and experts, not unaccountable bureaucrats should be in charge of improving the performance of public hospitals. We will do this by creating community-controlled hospital boards to appoint the CEO and manage hospital budgets, by instilling a ‘patient care first’ culture amongst staff and by ensuring the delivery of better health outcomes at the local hospital level.


We are strengthening Medicare to ensure Australians can continue to affordably access world class healthcare services. The Government will continue to subsidise all Medicare services, and investment in Medicare will continue to increase.

Medical Research Endowment Fund

The Abbott Government will establish the world’s biggest medical research endowment fund – the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund. The Medical Research Future Fund will find the cures of the future and be funded by the Government’s health reforms. By making the Health system more sustainable and investing in medical research, we are ensuring that Australia remains the best and healthiest place in the world to raise a family and care for loved ones.

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