29 MarchMar 2018

A Visit to The Embroiderers Guild New South Wales

Minister Laundy and his team had the pleasure of visiting the Embroiderers Guild New South Wales, a not-for-profit membership body for anyone and everyone who loves to stitch or would love to learn. President Wendy Schmid gave a tour of the recently refurbished building, which now contains a Collection Room, an extensive specialised Library and Exhibition Gallery.

Minister Laundy was instrumental in helping the Guild acquire a grant to assist with the rebuilding of the centre.

“After years of hard work by so many it has been a privilege to be involved in some small way to help these visionaries achieve their dream,” he said. “My great hope is that these new premises breathe new life into an ancient art and craft.” 

The organisation has received a number of state and federal grants in order to sustain its work among the community of Reid, which includes workshops, courses and inclusive community activities.



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