1 OctoberOct 2015

Dooleys and Navitas working together

Dooleys and Navitas
I’ve employed staff throughout my career in family business but it is only in my role as a publicly elected representative I’ve been made more aware of how hard it can be for some people to get their foot in the door. This challenge can only be exacerbated for someone from a multicultural background.

As one of my grassroots initiatives I have been determined to assist people within our community to find, and keep, sustainable employment. I’ve found that this can be as simple as connecting the right people together.

Navitas English provide government supported English language programmes for new Australians and DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club is one of the largest local employers in our community. We booked in a meeting, introduced the two, and they formed a new partnership on the spot.

As a starting point, Dooley’s accepted a number of students from Navitas’ Adult Migrant English Programme for work experience placements. Their progress and suitability for the roles was monitored and ultimately Dooleys’ have offered interviews and jobs. This working partnership is set to continue.

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