20 OctoberOct 2016

National Week of Deaf People 2016

Earlier this week, after years of bipartisan advocacy for closed captioned programming in the House of Representatives and the Senate, I was so pleased to see the pilot program introduced and acknowledged. Five hours of Parliament will now be close-captioned.

October 15-23 is National Week of Deaf People, and I was proud to take the opportunity to speak in Parliament about my family’s experience with disability.

National Week of Deaf People is a celebration for deaf people, their families, and the deaf Australian community. A celebration of their unique language, culture and place in our everyday lives. One in six Australians are affected by hearing loss – it’s something which affects us all.

Link to speech: /a24a5be7a6076556c8c2f16e5065bd40/CraigLaundyMP/videos/1210953388926094/

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