10 MarchMar 2015

Sun Smiles dental project

Sun Smiles dental program
Sun Smiles project
Sun Smiles Dental Project

Good dental hygiene is paramount to an adult’s overall wellbeing. Sun Smiles, through early intervention and education, is a project that provides children with the opportunity to better understand oral health and gives them a chance to change their lives for the better. The project is run in conjunction with University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry and the not-for-profit organisation, The Carevan Foundation.

Congratulations to Dr John Brabant and Dr Cathryn Carboon for their amazing work in establishing Sun Smiles. I commend their determination to bring it to parts of my electorate, where such a service is truly needed.

Thank you to all those who have selflessly volunteered their time to make Sun Smiles in Sydney a reality; to the Sydney University Oral Health staff for their tireless work behind the scenes and the Bachelor of Oral Health students themselves who will be our next generation of leaders.

Aside from the immediate oral health benefits of Sun Smiles, I also see the program as a testament to the community’s commitment to social justice and social change. The impact of Sun Smiles will be felt far beyond the classroom. The program does not just provide an education, but a real opportunity for lifelong social development.

I see it as my role to serve the community and to help provide sustainable solutions to the problems faced by my area and beyond. Programs, such as Sun Smiles, that harness existing infrastructure, promote partnerships, corporate philanthropy and volunteering are perfect examples of this.

I am proud to be a part of what is truly an exciting and innovative project.

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