This is
Jayanti | Burwood
young families

I was sceptic when I first arrived in the locality five years back and was not sure what to expect but it took less than a week for me to fall in love with the local community. I was completely captivated by the vibrancies of Burwood Road and the suburb with the lush green parks and the colonial designed houses that reminded me of my childhood atmosphere. I came close to history and felt completely at home in my new surroundings. However, over the years, on witnessing the changes in the suburb, I am often overcome with remorse. The continuous demolition of beautiful colonial buildings and architectures like the Masonic Temple at Belmore Street and random constructions of high rises within the locality seems to suffocate the community by depriving of its originality.

The growing community’s requirement of residential facilities is acknowledged but sustaining the pristine heritage of the locality is also our responsibility. The high rises on the Rail Way Parade are entirely out of harmony and are perceived as unattractive. Development of infrastructure is essential to promote economy, but the authority must make an endeavour to maintain the harmony too. It is an accepted fact that the contemporary business environment is extremely competitive but it is essential for the organisations to bear in mind that the best mode of business sustenance is by serving the community and the environment they subsist in, on the long and short term perspectives. The local government needs to keep in tune with the outlook of the community as the awareness and adherence of the community demand and expectations enhance government’s popularity that adds to the success of its performance and achievement. Thus, the local government should concentrate on sustainability of the local heritage also to maintain its reputation and popularity.