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One of our regular ‘kitchen table conversations’ is the economy and jobs. As a sales manager (for a wine company), most of my customers are small business owners. It’s great that Craig and the Federal Government ‘understands’ small business, in particular, the drivers and hurdles for growth for SMEs. The Coalition Govt. reducing red tape and implementing other growth levers for SMEs has been fantastic. Well done!

And having been in export and international trade for more than 10 years, it’s really encouraging to see the impact the new Government is having in growing our export trade. When Labor was in power, for six years, we stood still whilst our international competitors continued to drive new global trade pacts . Since the Coalition came to power, we have signed two FTAs with major trading partners plus, put international trade back on the agenda. Once again, we are increasing our global competitiveness. Yeh!

Another hot topic in our household is infrastructure. We know how important ongoing investment in infrastructure is to our country’s productivity, such as the planned new airport at Badger’s Creek. On a personal note, on Saturday’s it sometimes takes 40 mins to take our son to sport, when it should take 20 mins. We’re very much looking forward to the West Connex and other major infrastructure projects that will alleviate the traffic congestion on Sydney’s roads.

We are also were very much heartened by the increasing investment in medical research. We know of friends whose children suffer from congenial birth defects. We very much hope ongoing medial research will reduce such medical conditions. Support of the disability pension plan is also welcomed.