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Liana | Concord
Reducing the gap and business

I see our Federal seat of Reid to be a non-elitist, non Anglo-centric area, built around the concept of inclusion and diversity. Reid is one of the most culturally diverse federal seats in Australia. I am a Registered Migration Agent and believe in inclusion and diversity.
I have found that most people tend to perform better in inclusive work, social, community and professional settings. In my view, inclusion promotes the growth of individual self-esteem and increases overall happiness in the community. No person wants to be singled out or identified as “different” or less worthy as part of the Australian community. By including all people, the negative effects of assimilation can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

In my view, inclusion helps all people from all cultures to experience, first hand, the meaning of equal worth and equal rights in Australia. As long as a single person, who has not broken any laws, is excluded from mainstream life and opportunities, all people become vulnerable to discriminatory treatment.

An inclusive attitude helps all community members learn to be aware, sensitive, and tolerant of differences, including the differences between long-term residents and new migrants to the cosmopolitan seat of Reid.
My experience tells me that coming from an inclusive mindset helps people learn that all people have abilities and disabilities and that we need to work together to survive and be happy together as a thriving, multicultural community.

An inclusive community holds the philosophy of inclusion and diversity as paramount. This inclusion and diversity hinges on helping people become better members of the whole community by creating new and improved visions for new migrants and longer-term residents alike.
Like Australia, Reid is built on people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Inclusion is about membership and belonging to this wonderful community. It is about finding our similarities, not pointing out our differences. When we exclude people, it ultimately costs more than the original effort to include them.

Let’s embrace and enjoy our differences.