This is
Zee | Auburn
Young Businessman

I would like to firstly applaud the government for going ahead with the West Connex project. My particular concern is the work and life balance that is rapidly decreasing in Australia. If the average trip to the CBD from Penrith could take approximately 1.2 hours in peak traffic each way, that would be equivalent to 12 hours per week of quality time away from the family home. This could also equate to a person having no time to go to the gym, to help kids with homework or to go for a walk. As I make my daily return either from the CBD or Drummoyne or Burwood, depending on the sites I attend to, the common theme in the traffic congestion is after the old toll booth at Granville commonly referred to as the “Bioduct”. It’s the same traffic report day in day out and it’s the actual point of which four M4 lanes of Auburn become three after the toll plaza and then two lanes at Granville. I see the logic as to why it has been built this way as it allows the on ramp of traffic from James Ruse Drive to enter the M4 without having to merge. With the stroke of a pen and some traffic lane paint I think the patient people of M4 should take precedence over the merging few from James Ruse Drive. Just a simple change that could create good outcomes as something like this could improve that work life balance I previously mentioned. Even if it reduces the commute by 10 minutes that will be almost an hour of time generated to increase better lifestyle choices.